Public Sector Auctions
e-Public Sector Auctioning (traditionally called electronic Reverse Auction in enterprise field) is a negotiation technique built into the classical paper-based or electronic public procurement process. Due to the Hungarian regulations of e-Auctions it can be and for some institutes is obligatory to use in public procurement tendering procedure. e-Public Sector Auctioning is defined by the following regulations in Hungary:

  • Year 2003. CXXIX. law about public procurement
  • 168/2004. (V. 25.)Governmental directive about the centralised public procurement system, the function and competence of the centralised public procurement directorate
  • 257/2007. (X.4.) Governmental directive about the electronic acts in the public procurement process and electronic public sector auctions.
Year 2003. CXXIX. 4. § 3/A. law about public procurement gives the definition of e-Public Sector Auctioning, while the 257/2007. (X.4.) Governmental directive defines the detailed regulations of it.

In case you are invited into an e-Public Sector Auction organised by a Hungarian Institute/Organisation, please enter into the Auction system at the top right hand corner of the current webpage. In case of any questions, please contact us or the organiser. Our contact information is available in the Contact menu.

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