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Contract Management
Today’s contract are highly regulated, and creating a contract take more and more time. Handling a contract can be very time and effort consuming. The paper based contracts are badly accessible, it’s hard to follow up the discounts, transactions excluding the contract may cause overpay, hard to revise the contracts and storing/maintaining the paper based contracts costs money.

Handling contract electronically, the above mentioned problems can be simply eliminated. Contract Management provides electronic contract creation, handles approving roles, storing the finalized contracts, and have got remainders, and a solution for searching, versioning.

Advantages of Contact Management:

Quality improvements
  • centralized contract storing
  • systematic documentation of contract’s paragraphs
  • fast contracting process, decreasing reaction time
  • automatic contract workflow processing
  • easy versioning during the contracting process
Process cost savings
  • standard work phases determination
  • standard contract schemas
  • fast contract creation with copy/paste
  • less manual job and chance to make mistakes
  • automated approving processes
Direct cost saving
  • better frame contract coverage
  • less „unclaimed” order
  • bigger quantity discounts, less overpay
  • decreasing costs for maintaining a file
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