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eRFX - Handling offers electronically
Electronic quotation is set up in cases when the buyer wants to have either request for offers in a fast, comfortable and transparent way, or the buyer is in need of handling any kind of information (documents, surveys, different data…). Request for information may build up by several steps:

Request for Information (eRFI): For inner and other purposes as well. This negotiation round is recommended for use in the early stage of sourcing activities to identify the market itself and potential suppliers. Analysing the information received, you can decide in what way to move forward: how to set up an eRFQ or what supplier to award by invitation to the next round.

Request for Proposal (eRFP): This tool is for inviting suppliers to give innovative offers for different products or problems, or to ask the suppliers to give a detailed solutions for a special demand. Using the innovative offers, you will have the information how to decrease the price and how to negotiate later during the upcoming rounds.

Request for Quotation (eRFQ): The final round before eAuction to handle supplier's offers. At this point you know exactly the specifications of the products, so all the supplier can place a price offer for the same structure.

Request for electronic offers have many advantages:
  • Structured build, transparency
  • Unlimited use of different types of forms to set up any kind of eRFX (texts, scales, dropdown boxes…)
  • Unlimited use of attached documents both from buyer / supplier, significantly decreasing time spent for document handling
  • In built reminders and messaging
  • Reports
  • Corporate Software Solutions
    • Spend Management Suite
    • eAuctions
    • eRFX
    • Catalogue / Ordering Management
    • Contract Management
    • Supplier Management