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Supplier management
Typical troubles with handling supplier information

  • Lack of pure supplier list /information before issuing the tender call
  • Lack of information flow when a colleague is leaving
  • Information is only available from office in case of offline systems
  • Lack of updated information and manual updating process
  • Lack of time for market research therefore only small range of potential suppliers are available
  • Only present and/or earlier used suppliers are handled in the database/Excel file
  • Only one contact person can be registered at one Supplier company
  • Suppliers applying during the year are lost due to lack of database and/or time to handle them
Advantages of using eeeBid SSM Solution

  • Structured and customised database of suppliers
  • Pure information of suppliers are stored
  • 0-24, 7/7 update option for suppliers
  • Inbuilt supplier classification (international standards or customised)
  • Search and advanced search functions
  • Registration alternative (self- and quick-registration, invitation, registry-box)
  • Unlimited database and data storage
  • Unlimited contact for the Supplier Companies
  • Market research, Benchmarking
  • Approval process
  • Supplier monitoring, analysis and development program options
  • Direct connection to other modules, for instance, RF[X] and Reverse Auction
The database is not a static solution. The ASP-based solution assures dynamic information flow between the buyer and suppliers in 0-24, 7/7. The following information is at least included: Personal Data (incl. Photo), Company Information, Commercial Data, Quality Data, Ownership, Regional Presence, Company Profile, Documents and Certificates. The ergonomic surface and user-fried icon-menus help even basic-level PC users to navigate easily.

The already existing supplier information is not lost and does not mean an extra effort form your side to upload. There exists an Excel-based supplier upload that eeebid accepts to deal with in case of relevant information is handled to us. However other communication channels can be built, for instance, XML upon request.

Beside regional presence the classification of suppliers is also solved in the system. You might wish to use the inbuilt standards, such as UNSPSC or eClass or may use a customised classification that can be multi-level. Any way you chose, eeebid expert make you the job, so your users just have to enjoy it.

Search & Advanced Search Options

Selecting suppliers by any criteria has never been easier then now. You might choose suppliers by the classification categories or look for them using the search or the advanced search options. Any method is applied they are just one click away from you.

Auto-update Request for Suppliers

The advanced feature of eeeBid solution makes your life much easier. You just click one button and all selected suppliers receive an electronic update request to approve or modify their data and attachments, such as, the CMR insurance.

Advanced Options of SSM

According to the personal discussion the above-mentioned features seem to be requested and needed. However the leading solution provider can offer much more that gives you the opportunity to improve. Already existing features include ABC, Portfolio and Spider Analysis of suppliers, BSC (Balanced Score Card), Score Card Development, Measure List, Gantt chart Measures.

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