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Having finished all the specification, the e-auction is set up in the purchasing system of eeebid. The invited suppliers have only limited time (1-3 hours) to give their best offer to become the winner of the competition. Thanks to the short time, and to the „have-to-win” attitude, the suppliers give 10-25% price 6 TCO reduction to sign the contract. This purchasing tool is the most popular eTool, as the savings are the highest here.

  • Significant time-saving (90%)
  • Significant price reduction (10-25%)
  • Transparency, detached conditions
  • Clear competitions

We offer our clients individual prices and services. Typically a preparation and transaction of an eAuction can be maintained within 4 weeks. Aside from the typical event-types like „Real time” or „English reverse” we offer some other settings and auction types like „Japanese” or „Dutch” auctions. These methods are having more and more popularity compared to the classical ones in cases where „smart” suppliers are dominating the market or there is deficient number of bidders available. So what’s the meaning of these auction types?

Dutch auction: We recommend you to use this type of auction when there are only a few invited participants. The price increases during the event, and lasts until the first bid arrives. The system raises the price by the bidding step in every predefined second. The suppliers only have to accept the price offered by the system when they think it to be fine. The suppliers don’t have a second chance, so they have to bid as soon as possible. Thanks to this very strong mental pressure, the supplier has to worry in every minute of being the winner, and it forces them to bid in the earliest time.

Japanese auction: The price is decreased during the event lead by the system’s predefined timer and bidding step. The suppliers don’t have to bid, they only have to accept the rising value of the contract. The competition lasts until the last supplier is out of the contest. Using this powerful tool you can be 100% sure if the supplier gives his or her best offer.

For our experiences please check the References and Case studies page.
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