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Case Studies

Our company has gained experience in almost all industry fields since its existence. But the experienced gained by projects (products and services) are more important than the fields themselves, becuse any products occure in completly different fields. Most important categories are the following:

1. Indirect products

Based on our experience, the companies that recon with the indirect field can earn notable results.It happens because of the „ maverick ” character of some products and less outgoings compared to more complex fields like commodity. The purchasing process is generally fast, less specification is required, there are many suppliers in the market and the savings achievedduring the competition are easy to realize. Typical fields are stationary, cleaning equipments, working clothes, pallets and so on.

2. Services

Based on our experiences, many of the services drown on by companies can be an object to easily cut prizes, similar in the case of indirect products,it’s only a question of exact specification. In most cases, our existing experience has great value to make the preparation faster andsimpler for such tenders, like team building trainings, logistic services, health care services, etc.

3. Investments

Simple and complex investments, like constructions, renovations, and others has a great chance to e-negotiate successfully.We also have experience in road construction, warehouse renovation, door/window replacements and so on.

Not paying attention to completeness, we share some of our experience from the past:

Waste management
Copy machines
Concentrated road transportation
Waste management Paletts Copy machines Concentrated road transportation