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eeebid Spend Management Suite - eeebidQL
The Spend management Suite provided by eeebid group offers effective solutions for all the activities of operative and strategic purchasing, supplier management, spend analysis, catalogue management and contract management.

The system was designed on buyer’s experiences for other buyers with the purpose of transact every day’s tasks on the most efficient way. The system of eeebid QL is built up with different modules that are tightly connected, but also usable individually. The following processes are supported:

  • Buyers portal: Web based portal that gives access to all other modules with in-built calendar, reminders, e-mailing system and excellent overview for the tasks of ours and the other members of the buyer team
  • eRFX: Complex system for electronic quoting where you can easily modell even the most complex quotations.
  • eAuction: You may chose from unlimited different auction settings, and many auction types (Japanese, Dutch…) to make every competition more succesfull
  • Catalogue & Ordering: Effective solution to maintain individual and catalogue orders through a user-friendly system, where all the requisition process of any company can be modelled.
  • Supplier Management: This solution gives the possibility to collect all supplier datas in a structured way and measure their activities.
  • Contract Management: You can store existing contracts and maintain every step the creation of new contracts using the CM solution
  • Spend Analysis: This module gives you a perfect overview of the total spends of your company, and also can analyse the jobs done by you and other buyers.
  • Other, non-module based solutions: We offer many other solutions for our clients, like full ERP intergation, pipeline management, performance management. Feel free to ask any special requirements!

  • Corporate Software Solutions
    • Spend Management Suite
    • eAuctions
    • eRFX
    • Catalogue / Ordering Management
    • Contract Management
    • Supplier Management