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Supplier Database
We designed for our suppliers the eeebid Online Supplier Database, to have direct connection between the participants and the mid-to-large sized buying organizations. Our marketplace is used by 300 companies mainly from Central Europe with an approximate yearly volume of 200 Bio Euros. We offer our partners different solutions like market research, request for quoting and eAuctioning (for details please check the Corporate Software Solutions menu). We have organized approximately 6000 eRFX and eAuction with more than 15000 suppliers. The volume of individual events are usually between 40 000 - 800 000 Euros. Market research is a request in most of the cases. For market research we primarily use the Online Supplier Database.

Advantages of eeebid Online Supplier Database

  • Direct connection to Buying Organizations
  • Direct access by eeebid Market Research
  • Unique company-profile
  • Reach new markets without any effort
  • Increase of sales volume
  • Faster information flow
  • Get information about market prices
  • Faster contracting time
  • No IT device or software buying is required
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